Elect to elect: Why the Harker community have chosen to vote in this year’s midterm

November 8, 2022

Various members of the upper school community have voted in this year’s midterm elections. Hear from four community members, including students, faculty and teachers, about why they voted this week.

Bronwen Callahan, World history teacher

I am voting because I care a lot about my community and what’s going on, and I think that if I don’t vote, then there’s no way I can really help my community. It’s my way of deciding who has a say in what’s going on in my community.

— Bronwen Callahan, World history teacher

Upper school history teacher Bronwen Callahan stands with her textbooks. (Olivia Xu)















KJ Williams (12), who voted on Sunday

Senior KJ Williams poses for a photo. (Sally Zhu)

My parents always told me, it’s important to be involved. So, I’m just taking the first step and I actually voted, and hopefully, other kids my age will do that and will do the same. But also, I’ve always wanted to vote.

— KJ Williams (12)















Diane Main, Learning, Innovation and Design Director

It was instilled in me very young, [that] you always vote, because that’s part of our responsibility as Americans. Complacency is dangerous. This time around, as a person who has a uterus, I feel very strongly that I don’t want other people to make decisions about that for me, with the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

— Diane Main, Learning, Innovation and Design Director


Upper school learning, innovation and design director Diane Main poses for a photo. (Provided by Diane Main)
















Chris Davies, Math teacher

We have a representative democracy and if you want to steer the country the way you think it should be steered, you gotta vote. Otherwise, if you have a constituency that’s nonparticipatory, then a few people drive all the elections and the follow-up policymaking and it leads to potentially terrible outcomes. So we all have to do our work and chip in and vote.

— Chris Davies, Math teacher



Upper school math teacher Chris Davies poses for a photo (Provided by Chris Davies)
















Correction: A previous version of this article misspelled Bronwen Callahan as Bowen Callahan. This article has been updated on Nov. 8 to correct this error. 

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