Gloria Zhang

The Capitol dome at sunset. Congress was in session until Thursday of this week and voted on a number of legislative actions.

A glance into democracy

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Eight blue panels, eight auburn circles, eight chandelier baubles. Ornate decor embellishes the hallway ceiling. Only a couple feet away, one door opens to a room inundated with passionate voices. All four corners are lined with blue wallpapers, surrounding rows of balcony level public seating. Themes on medical professions, healthcare, workplace safety and sexual harassment reverberate through the room. Individuals focus on detailed notes, yet only one voice speaks at a time. Gentleman from Texas yields. Gentlewoman from North Carolina yields. Gentleman from Connecticut yields. Gentleman from Maryland yields.

On the other side of the notable marble building, a similar room echoes the atmosphere of the House of Representatives. Only smaller, the Senate mimics the democratic importance of voting. One-by-one names echo from the epicenter of the gallery. Navy-blue-adorned high school interns fasten their hands on golden handles. They open the many glass doors of the senate floor as senators trail in to vote in waves.

“Yea”s. “Nay”s. Nods. Thumbs ups. Thumbs downs. The process of democratic voting is exhibited simply.

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