The Thames Riverfront in London. (Anna Vazhaeparambil)
The Thames Riverfront in London.

Anna Vazhaeparambil

Humans of London: Life along the riverfront

June 18, 2019

Strolling along the River Thames, between the London Bridge and Tower Bridge, one can see people of all backgrounds enjoying their time in this area. Ranging from workers to tourists, these are four of the hundreds of humans who pass by the riverfront every day and a glimpse into their lives.

Anna Vazhaeparambil
“The first thing for new chefs in the kitchen: just listen and learn. Just be a sponge… When I decided I was going to pursue [cooking], I went and worked in essentially the best restaurants in London I could, and I went from there. I got shouted at every single day for two years pretty much… and now I am the head chef [of The BBQ Club],” chef at London pop-up restuarant The BBQ Club Barry Wibling, 27, said.
Anna Vazhaeparambil
“I moved [to London] July of 2017 for a theater internship, but it didn’t work out so I was like, ‘I need a job or else I’m going to be homeless.’ I started working in a secondary school as a teaching aide, and I never looked back… So despite not going in that direction, I’m about to go see “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” in the British Theatre because I do still enjoy theater,” teacher at London Frances, 24, said.

Anna Vazhaeparambil
“When I tell people that I own this ice cream stand, they are often surprised. And then when I tell them my age, they are surprised again. I take a lot of pride in where we have got with this business and where it’s going to take us. Every day is a challenge… but family and friends give me their support and time. I’ve had friends work for me for free when I’ve been struggling,” ice cream stand founder Harry Simpson, 23, said.
Anna Vazhaeparambil
“I like bringing these two, being able to experience [London] with all three generations here, and seeing a part of the world that’s a lot older than the United States. I love walking around and hearing so many different languages in one place. To me, I get just very happy,” tourist Erica, left, said. Erica, who is from the Massachusetts, visited London with her daughter, Juniper, and her mother, Sandy.
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