Liana Wang (11) smiles as she talks to other students at prom. Other than participating in the prom activities, students interacted and mingled with friends. (Nicole Chen)
Liana Wang (11) smiles as she talks to other students at prom. Other than participating in the prom activities, students interacted and mingled with friends.

Nicole Chen

Joie de vivre: Prom takes on Parisian night theme

March 28, 2017

Juniors and seniors attended prom at the Silicon Valley Capital Club on March 18 from 8:30 p.m. to 12 a.m.

This year’s prom event was designed around the theme “A Midnight in Paris,” completed with a Parisian and French overtone to many of the activities available to students at the event.

“We [had] some exciting things this year,” Assistant to Directors and Prom Co-Coordinator Eric Kallbrier said. “We [had] a live musician performing away from the dance floor on the outside balcony, which add[ed] to the whole Parisian feel.”

This year’s prom took place earlier than usual with the event  typically taking place closer towards the end of the school year in late April or early May.

“It sucks because we still have a ton of homework and other things to do at school, but it’s also kinda great because no other school has prom at this time, and it was super easy and cheap to find places to do nails and hair, ” Vienna Wang (12) said.

Like previous prom events, students were able to dance with their friends on the dance floor.  Attendees also partook in numerous activities such playing blackjack and using the photo booth. Additionally, attendees participated in a raffle, enabling them to win certain prizes.

The prom committee opened the balcony to students, enabling them to enjoy the views from the 17th floor of the Capital Club.

Some students felt as if the most enjoyable aspect of prom was being able to interact with their friends.

“I decided to go to prom because I feel like it would be a good experience to hangout with my friends and have a good time,” Vivian Wang (11) said.

While there was no full meal served at the event, an array of appetizers and desserts were available to students.

Others decided to prove that one does not need to partake in conventional prom activities to have fun.

“I managed to find a group of friends who were just as uncomfortable there as I was, which made me not feel uncomfortable anymore. I didn’t feel any pressure to dance,” Andrew Rule (12) said. “We ended up playing card games the whole time. We had a lot of good food, so it proved to me, which I didn’t expect, you don’t have to dance to have a good time at prom.”

Prior to prom, numerous students held pre-prom parties at friends’ houses where students mingled and got their photos taken by professional photographers.

Kallbrier and student activities coordinator Kerry Enzensperger took numerous steps within planning the logistics of the event.

“We met with students, seniors and juniors, who [were] interested in becoming a part of the planning. We then gathered a lot of ideas from the student for prom theme suggestions,” Kallbrier said. Once we had a prom theme, it [moved] really fast. We [found] all the best decorations to really sell the event and to make it something special.”

This piece was originally published in the pages of The Winged Post on March 28, 2017.

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