WiSTEM and Harker Horizon host speaker panel


Srinath Somasundaram

Club officers ask questions to the panel guests today. The event was a joint effort between WiSTEM and Harker Horizon.

by Srinath Somasundaram, Opinion Editor

Four speakers answered questions about their experiences in high school, college and industry as women in STEM as part of a Horizon and WiSTEM club collaborative panel session today during lunch.

The four speakers, Anooshree Sengupta, a class of ‘18 Harker alumna currently attending Stanford, Juliana Li, global head of gTech contracts at Google, Yivel Vizcarra, a conversational engineer at AutoDesk and Deanna Surma, a class of ‘08 Harker alumna currently working as an engineer at Google, responded to questions from the clubs’ leaders as well as those from an audience Q&A in the Nichols Auditorium.