Make a Birthday Wish Club holds club week


Nina Gee

Cassandra Ruedy (10), Charlotte Blanc (10) and Katelyn Chen (10) examine the treats Make a Birthday Wish Club is selling outside Manzanita. “A birthday is a special thing that we all get to celebrate, and we want to make their birthdays as special as possible,” club secretary Jenna Sanders (12) said.

by Nina Gee, Reporter

Make a Birthday Wish Club held their club week and sold cookies, brownies and baked goods during office hours, long lunch and after school this week.

Funds from their sales will all go towards overall club funding to help buy decorations and future supplies for the parties they hold.

“We want to host the best birthday parties for the kids and in order to do that, we need to have money,” Make a Birthday Wish Club secretary Jenna Sanders (12) said. “A birthday is a special thing that we all get to celebrate, and we want to make their birthdays as special as possible.”

Make a Birthday Wish is a non-profit organization that works with schools to provide birthday parties for children of homeless or underprivileged families. The organization also pairs with the East Palo Alto Ecumenical Center in order to contact low-income families who would like to participate.

Schools involved with Make a Birthday Wish rotate through hosting birthday parties on the second Friday of each month. Harker this year has already hosted a birthday party in October and will be hosting another in February.

“I feel good about it,” Alli Lee (10), a new member of the club, said. “I went to one of the birthday parties and I definitely feel that this club makes a difference in other children’s lives, and I really enjoy what we’re doing so far.”

The money raised from sales will also go towards reimbursing the club officers who bought food, decorations and presents for the first party.

The parties normally include arts and crafts and other party activities, for example a pinata. The club also provides dinner and a birthday cake for the kids, as well as buying them birthday presents.

“To be able to provide a little bit of joy in their lives I think is really satisfying both for us and them,” Jenna said.

UNICEF and Red Cross will be holding their joint club week next week.